Practical information

The shrine of Meryem Ana Evi is the goal of many pilgrimages as well as group excursions. The shrine offers a place where, even for a brief moment, you can stop and rest. The shrine offers weary wanderers both corporal and spiritual refreshment. Those who come here looking for the presence of Mary, along with the desire to continue to pray and meditate upon God's Word and enjoy the unique atmosphere that prevails in Her home, will discover and exploit the opportunities offered by this place.

Those for whom Meryem Ana is just another stop on a tour of present-day Turkey will also not be disappointed. It is certainly a peaceful, un-stressful place. Bathed in green foliage, among which hides the House of the Virgin Mary, there are also fresh water streams flowing out in different locations on the grounds. All this invites you to relax and gives you refreshment before continuing your journey.

After a brief visit at the House of Mary, you can take a small break and enjoy the very rich and delicious menu offered in a small cafeteria located just near the parking lot.

Perhaps, sitting at a table, you may want to write some traditional holiday postcards. At your request, the postage stamps you buy will be adorned with the image of the Virgin Mary.

Meryem Ana Evi is located practically in the ruins of ancient Ephesus. Just 6 kilometers from the shrine's entrance is the Museum of Ephesus. After you visit Ephesus, one of the most important cities of antiquity, you can go towards the next historical sites visited by tourists. Among them are the ruins of Artemision (the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), and the ruins of The Basilica of St. John Apostle with his tomb, located in the center of present day Selçuk.

Selçuk is a still charming village well worth visiting. It is a former Greek colony, which was aptly named Şirince (which means "pleasant").

In the area around Meryem Ana Evi there are so many interesting places, rich in history but also the beauty of nature, that it is impossible to enumerate them all here. If they persevere, however, tourists certainly will not have any problem locating them and enjoying the beauty and peace that they offer. For those looking for a good guide to Turkey, we recommend that written by a former custodian of the shrine, an Italian Capuchin, Father Oriano Granella and the late Bishop Luigi Padovese. This is probably the most comprehensive and best guide on the existing market - unfortunately, for now, available only in Italian.