The altar at Meryem Ana Evi

Feast of St John, Apostle and Evangelist

The last weekend in May, the community at Ephesus hosts a celebration to mark the Feast of St. John the Evangelist. We expect pilgrims from throughout Turkey, including Istanbul, Mersin, Adana, and Antakya, as well as pilgrims from overseas.

Saturday, 27-May, the Rosary will be prayed at Meryem Ana Evi at 4:00 PM.

Following the Rosary, there will be Mass at 6:00 PM at St. John's Basilica in Selcuk, with His Excellency, Lorenzo Piretto OP, Archbishop of Izmir presiding. (This Mass will NOT take the place of Sunday Mass.)

After a dinner break, there will be a prayer service at Meryem Ana Evi at 9:30 PM. There will be a candlelight procession with prayers and music. The service will also include a presentation on St. John.

On Sunday, 28-May, at 11:30 AM, there will be a special Mass in Turkish at Meryem Ana Evi.

St. John, Apostle and Evangelist, was born in Bethsaida; he was called while mending his nets to follow Jesus. He became the beloved disciple of Jesus. He wrote the fourth Gospel, three Epistles and the Apocalypse. His passages on the pre-existence of the Word, who by His Incarnation became the light of the world and the life of our souls, are among the finest of the New Testament. He is the evangelist of the divinity of Christ and His fraternal love. With James, his brother, and Simon Peter, he was one of the witnesses of the Transfiguration. At the Last Supper, he leans on the Master's breast. At the foot of the cross, Jesus entrusts His Mother to his care. John's pure life kept him very close to Jesus and Mary in years to come. John was exiled to the island of Patmos under Emperor Domitian.

First Saturdays at the House of the Virgin Mary

Recognizing the importance of Meryem Ana Evi as a place of prayer for all Christian people that visit Ephesus, we propose some special moments of prayer, in the style of Fatima. There will be a special prayer meeting every first Saturday of the month from May up to October. The service will begin at 7:30 PM with the Rosary being prayed at the outdoor altar alongside the House. This will be followed at about 8:00 PM by the Vigil Mass of Sunday. The service will conclude with a candlelight procession around the shrine.

To encourage attendance there will be bus service from Kuşadası, sponsored by the Meryem Ana Evi Dernek. Please call 0537 387 01 29 to obtain information or to make a reservation (TÜRSAB ID 1823). Reservations must be made by Thursday at noon. 10 TL/person; 5 TL for children 12 and under.


  • Saturday, 6 May 2017
  • Saturday, 3 June 2017
  • Saturday, 1 July 2017
  • Saturday, 5 August 2017
  • Saturday, 2 September 2017
  • Saturday, 7 October 2017